Why jargon sends us down the wrong path

“Banklish“ It’s a word I claim I invented a decade ago for the unique language found within the financial sector, employed right from the executive floor to the local branch. One person’s platform is another’s place-where-the-train-arrives, is another’s spot-where-Tom-Daley-dives-from. And so forth. We all utilise jargon as a comfort blanket, an occasionally impenetrable language comprehendedContinue reading “Why jargon sends us down the wrong path”

How to look good on camera while working from home

Everyone is at it now.  FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Teams, WebEx, Hangouts and that other one your mate uses for his weekly “pub” quiz. Where video chats were once the preserve of international catch-ups or Sunday conversations with displaced grandparents, they are powering the pulley which has dragged work life into the 21st century. And while coronavirusContinue reading “How to look good on camera while working from home”