Case Studies

My clients come from different sectors with different needs. I will understand what you require and tailor my work with great care to ensure the maximum impact.

Here are some case studies of previous clients.

For the launch of a spin-off for-profit business from a charity, I worked with management to ascertain their target market and where they fitted against the competition. Then I devised a digital launch that had its intended customers in mind: businesses or other organisations who might employ or benefit younger people.

It had to make those potential clients think. Why should they adapt? In what ways were they missing out?

Working with a design agency, I crafted a website that demonstrated what GetTheGen could do to make them more successful and attractive to recruits, utilising enlivening research, thought-provoking blogs and know-how to underline the knowledge and skills base already engrained within the new company.

With testimonials from previous partners, it ensured they could be a trusted supplier – from Day One.

Athletics NI

I was engaged to undertake a consultancy project to increase media coverage for a sports body in print, broadcast and social media over a four-month spell.

The above-the-line target was to achieve recognition for athletes through ready-made content, made widely available. However the strategic objective was to capitalise upon an event to expand and change perceptions, and to support internal performance goals and culture while engaging public and volunteers. 

As an extension of their team, I programmed and managed a social media campaign, using video and stories, all of which came together to deliver a high return on a modest investment with widespread coverage on broadcast, online and print and an uplift in their external image.

I re-constructed a website for a small city-based charity. The driving theme was to engage its users on what it offered, its strengths in the community and the revenue generating opportunities it wanted to achieve.

The emotional power of its good work was balanced with the need to promote the means by which it could secure income and to provide assurances to its funding partners.

It was also important that it showcased the work of resident clubs and volunteers to engender ‘ownership’ of the Trust. This was achieved through shooting and editing a video that could be used for internal and external promotion.

If you feel I can help you in a similar manner, please fill in the form to get in touch.

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